Authors Reach

Special thanks to my publishers, Authors Reach Ltd. The company differs from most publishers in that its authors largely run it, with the aim of bringing a great variety of books directly to readers through UK bookshops as well as online outlets.

At the time of writing, AR’s stable comprises authors, Richard Hardie, Shani Struthers, Corinna Edwards-Colledge, Vee McGivney, Francesca Tyer, Teresa Stepping, Trevor Belshaw and myself.

Richard Hardie, an original founder, is our marketing wizard and if you’ve seen this book on the shelves in shops, it’s thanks to him, especially when publishers don’t seem very interested in marketing their books these days.

I’m also grateful to founder-member, Shani Struthers for her continued advice and support.

Authors Reach members share the task of promoting their titles through social media, an excellent and often misunderstood tool.

You can find us at: