Welcome to my website!

Hi there! Welcome to my site. Here you can order signed and dedicated copies of my latest books, peruse blog articles about my career in theatre, TV and cinema. (Mr. Bean, The Fast Show, Only Fools and Horses etc.) Though I write mystery thrillers now, my books are laced with a certain amount of humour. Old habits and all that. So, go on, stick around and get nosey!

Rough Music


A lawyer running from the Russian mob. A jilted lover hard on his heels and a hitman who has them both in his sights...

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The Unborn

Josie King Mysteries Book One

A letter penned by her adoptive father from beyond the grave sets thirty-five-year-old Josie King in pursuit of her real parents...

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Still Warm

Josie King Mysteries Book Two

It’s NYPD’S Detective Josie King’s last day. As farewell toasts are raised, she receives a text-message that stops her breathing...

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Josie King Mysteries Book Three