Rough Music

Rab MacBain is in trouble. He’s stolen money from the Russian mob, his girlfriend is apparently sleeping with his boss, and there’s Karpos ‘Stink Bug’, Brunovich, a Russian hitman, who is seeking to acquaint the Scottish-American banker with his Makarov 9x18mm pistol.

Returning to his birthplace on the remote Scottish island of Garg, Rab unravels his own family mystery before gaining the trust and the support of the islanders. But what will happen when his past life laps at the shore of his new home? And can his new plans really help save the island and himself?


The Unborn

Josie King Mysteries Book One

A letter penned by her adoptive father from beyond the grave sets thirty-five-year-old Josie King in pursuit of her real parents.

Suspended from police duty, her life turned upside-down; her quest takes her to the monastic headquarters of a medieval secret society in the Black Forest, then on to Rome, during the conclave to elect a new Pope.

Thirteen dead bodies later, she finds herself in a darkened booth in St. Peter’s Basilica, confessing to murdering her father… For a second time.


Still Warm

Josie King Mysteries Book Two

It’s NYPD’S Detective Josie King’s last day on the force. As farewell toasts are raised, she receives a text-message that stops her breathing. Olive, her one-year-old goddaughter has been kidnapped!

Now no longer a cop, and without the department’s weight and resources behind her, she doggedly follows the clues that the kidnapper sends her, determined to bring little Olive home.

She knows this is personal. Someone is messing with her head, but who, and why? With the clock counting down and the hours shrinking, Josie finds Olive isn’t the only person close to her being targeted by a monster from her past!