‘Funny Funeral’

I’m sure we all have examples of comedy arising out of the most serious and unlikely situations in our lives. The following is a true account of something that happened when I was seven-years-old. In the middle of a winters’ night, my brother and I were scooped out of bed and bundled into the […]

‘A Book in Everyone?’

Twenty-something years into writing television and film scripts, I thought I’d have a crack at writing ‘the novel’.  Why not? I thought. Everyone’s got a book in them, right? I’d worked for the likes of Alas Smith & Jones and Mr. Bean, among others, during which time I managed to get the film company, Working Title, to commission a film […]

‘The Acting Stuff’

You can learn about my early years in theatre on my blog page eloquently entitled, ‘How it Began’. So, I’ll pick it up where my face began to sport its stunning good looks on TV. To tell the truth, I never really saw myself as an ‘actor’. Acting is hard and takes a hell of […]

‘How it Began’

I often get asked how I got into writing for television. Well, deep breath, and I hope you’re sitting comfortably…   I left Worthing Art college in 1973 and went to work at a Community Arts project in Shoreham-by-Sea. It was a large, converted barn where we kept teenagers, often in ‘special groups’ active and entertained with arts, crafts, music and performance workshops. We did a lot with improvisation and put on […]