A letter penned by her adoptive father from beyond the grave sets thirty-five-year-old Josie King in pursuit of her real parents. Suspended from police duty, her life turned upside-down, her quest takes her to the monastic headquarters of a medieval secret society in the Black Forest, then on to Rome, during the conclave to elect a new Pope. Thirteen dead bodies later, she finds herself in a darkened booth in St. Peter’s Basilica, confessing to murdering her father… For a second time.


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“Having read and enjoyed Rough Music, Robin’s first novel, I was looking forward to reading The Unborn, and I wasn’t disappointed! This book starts at a fast pace and never lets up! As you would expect, this is an excellent thriller with some humorous touches. Hope to catch up with Josie King sometime soon! Recommended!” 

“Another fast-paced read from Robin Driscoll. No-nonsense detective Josie King is quite a character – looking forward to reading more of her “adventures”. Well recommended!”