Rab MacBain is in trouble. He’s stolen money from the Russian mob, his girlfriend is apparently sleeping with his boss, and there’s Karpos ‘Stink Bug’, Brunovich, a Russian hitman, who is seeking to acquaint the Scottish-American banker with his Makarov 9x18mm pistol.

Returning to his birthplace on the remote Scottish island of Garg, Rab unravels his own family mystery before gaining the trust and the support of the islanders. But what will happen when his past life laps at the shore of his new home? And can his new plans really help save the island and himself?


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“What a great book. A fast-paced comedy thriller with a cast of well drawn colourful characters.The book moves effortlessly from corporate America to the small Scottish Island of Garg. The descriptions of all of the main characters are so good you can almost see them. Would make a great film ! Can’t wait for Robin’s next book.”

“Just finished reading Robins enthralling first novel. An absorbing page turner throughout, full of ingenious twists. He skillfully keeps you wondering and trying to second guess where it’s going until the very end. Robins mind is a complex place, thank goodness he can put his thoughts down in such a way that even the likes of me (not a huge reader of novels) can grasp and enjoy the journey he takes you on. Recommended!”